Job Training Assistant - Pabrik


    First of all, let us say congratulation to you for passing our first selection. it is with a great pleasure that you are interested to join Job Training Assistant Program in STA Resources.
    After reviewing your application, it is clear that you have the drive and potential needed as STA Resources Job Training Assistant

   To continuing the recruitment process, please kindly click "Apply Now" and filled out the data as needed

    For your information, after filled out the data, you will receive another link to test, each test has different link.

    There will be 3 tests :
    1. Test Intelegensi Umum
    2. Psychology Test
    3. Test Technical for JTA Mill

    Each test has different number of question, pattern of question, timelimit and link
    Please check your email/whatsapp frequently regarding link of test
    The result of test will be informed within next a week or 7 days of work

    If there's anything to ask, do not hesistate to contact our Recruitment via Text (Whatsapp only - 08116000662)